Mary K’s Photography, OBX

Mary K’s Photography

Children & Pets Photography

"Photography is not looking, it’s feeling."

Just because your cell phones are full of photos and videos of your children and pets doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a professional photo shoot to celebrate the “milestones” or “just because moments” of their lives! Mary K. is like a big kid herself. She spent most of her 27 year professional career working with children so she knows a thing or two about kids! She loves taking photos of children and pets, but she also recognizes and understands the unique challenges these subjects can sometimes present, so she always comes equipped with a bagful of props and tricks and, more importantly, the patience and willingness it takes to hang in there until the magic begins! 

You should not only SEE a photograph, you should also FEEL it...

Mary K. strives to take the best possible photos every time she looks through the lens. She never times her sessions, she just keeps going until the session naturally comes to an end. 

Children & Pet Photography​ Pricing

Choose the plan which suits you best


Additional charge for siblings or friends $50 each

$ 350


Additional charge for additional pets $50 each

$ 350


Do you have a child who is interested in having a mermaid session done? We offer this as a stand-alone service that can be included at no extra charge as a part of your Children’s Photography package – OR it can be added to the end of a Family or Group package as well. See Family page for details. We have several sizes of Mermaid tails and tops (you will need to provide your own bathing suit bottoms!) We also have a popup privacy tent for changing! It is important that someone who is able to lift/carry the child be at the photo session as once the child is wearing the mermaid tail and monofin, they will not be able to walk or stand!