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Meet Mary K. 

Mary K. has always enjoyed taking photographs, preluding her career by bribing her two younger sisters with money from her allowance to let her take their photos with a 35 mm camera when they were kids. She would hang sheets as backdrops and spend endless hours perfecting the scene until she was finally ready to push the button for the flash to spark. After finishing a roll of 24 pics (or 36 if they had found a roll at K-Mart on sale) their mom would mail it off in a special envelope and they would wait weeks to get the glossy 4×6’s back in the mail. As her skills improved, she began charging for her services. Either trade a chore like doing the dishes or pay $1 per session.

As an adult, Mary K. was always the go-to person to document family events and did so for many family members and friends. After her own daughter was born, her passion grew to the point that she decided to open her own business, Mary K’s Photography, LLC in Virginia in 2015 and she’s never stopped.

In January of 2022, after seven years of visiting the area multiple times a year, Mary K. relocated full-time to the OBX, bringing her years of photographic expertise with her. She absolutely loves capturing treasured moments and is beyond excited to continue pursuing her passion for photography by sharing her talents with local area residents as well as the many couples and families that come to this beautiful region every year!

Welcome to the OBX from your Photographer and Friend,


Meet Scott.
Scott has been Mary K’s secondary photographer for weddings and events for the past seven years.  (He also happens to be Mary K’s fiancé. Scott is a passionate and experienced freelance photographer who revels in entertaining others during his photographic process. These days Scott still serves as videographer and backup photographer for weddings, but he no longer books sessions himself as he has primarily turned his focus more toward another passion of his – conducting wedding ceremonies and vow renewals.

As an ordained Minister, Scott performs Weddings and Vow Renewals in and around the OBX. If you are interested in learning more about his services, please feel free to contact him at or visit his website at


Mary K. has a lifetime of photography experience and has been a professional photographer for over ten years focusing on yearbook photos, weddings and family photography. She understands the significance of posing and the importance of proper perspective. She will not only help you discover your best angles, but she will make you feel so comfortable you may forget you're in front of the camera!


Mary K. primarily shoots with a Canon 5D Mark IV. She shoots with dual cards and backs up her work on a daily basis. She edits her photos using the latest version of Lightroom, but she never batch-processes and insists on editing every single photo by hand so they will never look overly edited, airbrushed or fake. Mary K. takes pride in her work, and she always wants your photos to look their very best!


Mary K. prides herself on helping her clients throughout the entire photo session process - from helping you choose the best location and time to giving suggestions about wardrobe, poses, etc. Mary K. has your back. She loves what she does and it shows in her work . If you have questions about your photo session, feel free to reach out - she will be more than happy to help!

A few behind the scenes shots with Mary K. on location in the OBX